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Brasstown Craft Chocolate

Every bite of Brasstown Craft Chocolate will take you on a unique journey via the taste and your imagination.  It might take you overseas or across the mountains or through the farms, to places new and unknown, yet infused with an occasional splash of familiar smell or color.

Quality is something that Brasstown honestly cares about.  In order to take you to these beautiful, inspiring places they choose their ingredients very wisely - which is why their cacao beans and cacao butter are fair trade and organic certified.  This way they know that they are not only getting the best ingredients, but also helping farmers and the development of the local plantations where the cacao beans are grown.

Like a fine wine, chocolate can be complex and sensual as each type of cacao be has different notes and nuances.

In many cultures there is an emphasis on intention and emotion in cooking.  The simplest meal can be the healthiest food in the world if prepared in a spirit of affection and goodwill.  While the chocolate making process isn't technically cooking, it is a familiar sort of art form.  With this idea in mind, every Brasstown Craft Chocolate bar is carefully infused with a well calculated dose of love, joy, and devotion in order to brighten up your day!

Brasstown Craft Chocolate was established by chocolatiers Rom Still and Barbara Price in Winston-Salem to manufacture and sell fine artisan chocolate. Their love of the chocolate art and the discovery of the vast number of flavors attainable by fair trade cacao bean selection and roasting has brought Brasstown to where it is today. They are involved in the entire chocolate making process, from bean to bar, from roasting to wrapping. Their mission is to share their enthusiasm for high quality, craft chocolate with as many people as possible. Chocolate is sophisticated and indulgent, but they feel that fun and frivolous should be added to the list. After all, it’s chocolate!

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