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Home of the original TIES THAT DON'T SUCK! The Cyberoptix TieLab was started in 2006 after noticing a void in creative, yet sophisticated neck wear. We specialize in making men and women of all ages undeniably presentable. We dutifully outfit gangs of groomsmen, bridesmaid and ring- bearers with our very customizable color schemes. So far, we've proudly printed nearly a million neckties, all by hand, with no automation, machines, press or even clamps! We have really strong arms as a result! (Sometimes we affectionately call this place the Tie Lab Gym...)

We exclusively print with environmentally responsible, water-based inks. They're better for the health of our planet, the people who make your ties in our workshop, and they perform much better on fine fabrics like silk. You know that thick, cracked graphic on your t-shirt? You sure don't want that on your tie -- that's solvent-based printing ink. Yuck!

We've selected tons of design and color combinations that we know look great on everyone. However, as tie makers we know all the fun is really in the design process.  We have themes that are created from historic military documents, medical ephemera, Victorian botanical drawings and architectural renderings. Some of our favorite days are spent in dusty museum cabinets of curiosities, junk shops and estate sales to find obscure bits of inspiration that we'll re-draw in the tie shape. We're particularly drawn to pattern-based necktie designs, ornamentation that looks like a traditional necktie motif, but has a little something extra hidden within the pattern -- these surprises always delight us as designers, but are even more fun for you, the tie wearer!

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