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Ginger & Juniper is run by Gabrielle Richards.  It was created as place where the creation of high quality accessories is not just a job, but a passion! Gabrielle first learned how to sew in high school and after more than a decade away from a sewing machine, her love for the craft was rediscovered while making curtains for her new home.


We live in a disposable world and Gabrielle wanted to reduce the number of plastic shopping bags being used. She  started to fine tune her crafting skills by making bags for friends and family.  Her bags are and were reusable, natural, easily cleaned, making them an excellent choice for those concerned about their plastic use.  Her passion grew and soon spread beyond just her friends and family.  That is how Ginger & Juniper was born! 

"I want my customers to feel that their item is extra special and just for them, so I try to ensure that each item I make is slightly different than the others." - Gabrielle Richards

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