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Janet Bealer Weaving

Janet Bealer has had years of weaving and design experience.  An artist with yarn and thread, she explores her passion in her home studio in Winston-Salem creating a range of textiles and patterns that play with both color and material.  She describes her work as an exploration of weave structures and constantly tries new variations with her patterns.  Because of this, each piece becomes a unique snapshot of her artistic journey.

Janet has studied weaving at several schools, including Georgia State University, Penland School of Crafts, and Arrowmont School of Crafts.  She has also shared her work in several shows, most recently including Extreme Textures (2019)  and Happy Accidents (2018) at the Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery in Winston-Salem, NC.  Her pieces are often considered functional works of art and look just as good in use as they do on display.  

Artist Statement


Complex weave structures offer seemingly infinite possibilities for design and expression in cloth.  My work involves an exploration of these structures and the patterns and imagery that can be expressed using them, guided by my particular sensibilities regarding color, line, texture, materials and craftsmanship.  Computer drafting programs  have liberated the design process by making it easier to try variations and make adjustments in a pattern or design without necessarily starting over with each new variant.  The process makes for a fascinating journey that often results in a series of designs, each building on the one preceding it or perhaps combining elements from different explorations.

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