Carrie Nation Quilt

Carrie Nation Quilt

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The Carrie Nation pattern holds a lot of history.  Made with a double four-patch, one of the oldest quilt blocks in history, this pattern was given its name by the Kansas City Star's quilt column in 1940 after the activist Carrie Nation.  Among other things, Carrie was known for being a radical member of the temperance movement and most often remembered for attacking bars with a hatchet.

  • General:

    Hand cut, machine pieced, and hand quilted featuring a variety of fabric.  This quilt is light-weight and 90" x 84" - a good size for a full or queen size bed. The batting (middle layer) of this quilt stops several inches from the edge, but is held in place by the quilting. 

    Handmade with care in Thomasville, NC. Inconsistencies are expected in these handmade items and are considered part of their charm.  An embroidered tag indicating the quilter and pattern is sewn into the back corner.



    Hand wash as needed and hang to dry.  If loose strings appear simply cut the stings.  Do not pull loose strings.

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