Magnetism Shave Soap

Magnetism Shave Soap


Are you tired of the way your face feels after using commercial shaving cream? Maybe it's time to try wet shaving and nourish your skin with moisturizing oils and clays.  Magnetism Shave Soap is made with skin nourishing oils and enhanced with grains used to brew beer for it's skin soothing properties and kaolin clay to draw impurities from the skin while shaving. If you have sensitive skin, this is the most gentle shave soap in our collection. Scented with Pine and Bergamot in an attempt at capturing the resinous yet floral aroma of hops in homebrew.

  • General:

    One 4oz vegan shave soap disc.  Conscientiously made by hand in small batches for quality and freshness in Durham, NC.  This soap was made with your wellness in mind with no parabens, no sulfates, no palm oil,  no perservatives, and no judgement! 



    1. Grow Hair.
    2. Drop the shave disc into a mug or shave dish.
    3. Swirl a shave brush on the disc to create a lather.
    4. Apply the lather to the area you would like to shave.
    5. Shave and rinse.
    6. Grow more hair and repeat.

    If you don't have a shave brush don't worry!  You can create a lather by rubbing the bar between your hands as well, it just won't be as creamy.


    Made With:

    Saponified Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Avocado Oil, and Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Bentonite Clay, Grains (barley, oat, and various malts), Kaolin Clay, Pine Essential Oil. Bergamot Essential Oil.