Salt & Vinegar Popcorn

Salt & Vinegar Popcorn


Chad's Salt & Vinegar Popcorn takes a familiar flavor and combines it with the world's finest popcorn.  Pucker up with a classic!

  • General:

    10 cups (3.75 oz) of popcorn in a resealable bag.  Contains 8g or more whole grains per serving.  Handcrafted in North Carolina.  Whole grain, natural antioxidants, and gluten free.   



    Popcorn kernels, canola oil, salt & vinegar (maltodextrin, sodium deacetate, salt, fructose, vinegar powder, sodium citrate, malic acid, natural flavor), and sea salt.


    Allergen Info

    This product is produced in a facility that processes peanuts and treenuts.

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