Spicy Chili Infused Honey

Spicy Chili Infused Honey


Fool's Gold Limited Edition Spicy Honey is a blend of light American Clover Honey and NC grown Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers.  Scotch Bonnets are the Caribbean cousins of the Habanero pepper, and while they share some similarities, the Scotch Bonnet is considerably hotter and has a subtle sweet fruitiness that pairs perfectly with our Premium Honey.  We suggest using this varietal to spice up a marinate for your favorite grilling meats, and of course with authentic Caribbean and Jamaican cooking.  Not only will this honey add a flavorful interest to your meals, you will also get the benefit of the Scotch Bonnet's antioxidant phytochemicals. We call that a win-win.

  • General:

    5.75 oz (Gift) or 9.9 oz (Regular) jar of honey.  Gift sizes include gift tags.  Crafted in small batches in Winston-Salem, NC.  Contains raw honey -  do not feed to infants under one year of age.  Contains caffeine

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