West Indies Citrus Cold Brew Tea

West Indies Citrus Cold Brew Tea


Tea. Water. Pitcher. Cold.  Orange, citron, lemon, lime, and pummelo trees were carried to the islands of the West Indies as early as the voyages of Columbus. Citrus trees were established in the American colonies by 1565 at St. Augustine and in coastal South Carolina.

  • General:

    3oz (85g) Net weight.  Contains loose leaf tea and a large, 3" wire mesh brewing ball.  Hand packed in Charleston, NC. Caffeine-Free.


    Brewing Recommendations:

    1. Fill a pitcher with a half gallon of water.

    2. Fill the tea filter with 4 tablespoons of tea.

    3. Close the tea filter and add it to the pitcher.

    4. Steep the tea overnight in the refridgerator.

    5. Remove the tea filter and serve over ice.   



    Orange Peel, Lemongrass, Lemon Peel, Rosehips

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